Scientists look into Martian meteorites for signs of a habitable world.

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Scientists look into Martian meteorites for signs of a habitable world.

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A new study finds Liquid water forms rocks inside Martian meteorites. But it likely doesn't support the life of any microorganisms.

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The rock is part of meteorites known as nakhlites, which originate as volcanic rock that asteroids collided with Mars about 11 million years ago. Previous research has suggested that nakhlites may shed light on the geothermal system. Red Planet's ancient world and especially its hot springs Hot springs are an interesting target because scientists think these environments may have been the source of early life on Earth,

so wonder if this actually happened on Mars and beyond.In this new study Researchers examined Miller Range 03346 nakhlite, a 1.58 pound (715 g) rock discovered by scientists in the Miller Range Mountains in Antarctica in 2003."Based on previous research We know that the minerals in this particular meteorite interacted with water about 630 million years ago,” said lead researcher Josefin Martell. A planetary scientist at Lund University in Sweden told

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