Post Office scandal victims still waiting for compensation

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Post Office scandal victims still waiting for compensation

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Post Office scandal victims still waiting for compensation


A year since wrongful convictions of subpostmasters were first overturned, most say they are no closer to agreeing a financial compensation settlement.

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They were wrongly accused of theft and false accounting by the Post Office due to faulty software.

One victim, Jo Hamilton, told the BBC: "Subpostmasters have lost everything and they need it to be given back."

The Post Office said it wanted to provide "full, fair and final settlements".

The case has been described as the most widespread miscarriage of justice in legal history.

The faulty software installed in the post offices made it look like money had been going missing from branches.

Thirty nine individuals had their convictions quashed by the Court of Appeal in April 2021, paving the way for more than 30 others to have their convictions overturned since then.

Ms Hamilton, who had a criminal conviction hanging over her for 12 years, has told the BBC's Panorama programme that "justice would be for everyone to be put back to where they would have been had none of this happened".

The Post Office has agreed to make interim payments of up to £100,000 to most of those who have had their convictions quashed. However, the solicitor representing many of the victims says his clients are still a long way from reaching any final settlements.

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